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About Us

Meet Ben and his family

Ben Allen and his family (pictured above) love the East Coast. The mountains, beaches, sun, businesses and people all contribute to make this a wonderful place to live.

Ben is the pastor (or minister) of East Coast Anglican. He was born in England, grew up in Darwin, joined the Air Force after high school, spent some time flying the C130-J Hercules (including some time in the Middle East), before serving as Assistant Pastor at Toongabbie Anglican Church in Western Sydney. Since moving to the East Coast in 2021, he and his wife Jess now have five kids. Life is full of laughs and tears! Together their family aim to love the community here by bringing Jesus and his love into everything they do. Ben enjoys running a lot, reading, cups of tea, board-games, and more recently a little kayaking.

the church

We are a church for the East Coast of Tasmania. We follow the risen Lord Jesus, calling others to follow him. We aim to follow Jesus, grow like Jesus and serve for Jesus.

We are convinced that Jesus is utterly unique and brilliant. We'd love to tell you why. 

We continue the Anglican tradition of making the Bible clear and relevant for all people from all backgrounds of all ages. In the Bible we meet God, who shows us his love through Jesus.

Come and visit or phone for a chat.

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